Weekend Wrap-Up From 3rd Day Nursery

We’ve had a busy week at the nursery! We got so much work done and had some good times, too.  Last Sunday, the crew all got together for Superbowl Sunday (Yay Broncos!) and had an awesome time and tons of food and dips courtesy of Sam. After the game, we all took a fun trip to Café Attitude’s open mic night in Hana.

We’ve done a lot of great work this week, too. Niels from Northstar Landscaping gave us a hand with uprooting a TON of cane grass that was growing wild on the property. He really helped us out, and now we have big plans in the space that got cleared; hopefully we’ll have a few new garden beds set up there soon! Che, Christian, Clarke have also been raking up a storm on the back lot. We’re going to put down some new weed mat and be almost doubling our succulent storage space! Our buddy Brad is also still hard at work with the up-and-coming worm hut. We are really cooking over here!

The crew is hard at work removing all that pesky cane grass

We also revamped the succulent display at Piñatas Mexican Restaurant in Kahului. Make sure to stop in there to check it out and grab some delicious food while you’re at it!

Display of 3rd Day Nursery succulents at Piñatas

Finally we’re super amped that  Mia’s Aloha pots got used as decoration at a local wedding! Congratulations to the happy couple and thanks for sending over the snapshot!


That’s all for this week…we cant wait to see what next week brings us!


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