Five Tips for Saving Your Succulents


1.) Don’t Overwater Your Plants!
As with anything, too much of a good thing can lead to not-so-great results. Try to wait until the soil is completely dry before watering your succulents!

2.) Expose Your Succulents to Even Amounts of Sunlight, Shade, and Temperatures
Succulents need both sun and shade to survive, and if they end up in extreme conditions on either end, things will go south…and we don’t mean a trip to Cabo. Keep temperatures steady and sun/shade exposure relatively even.


3.) Use Loose Soil
It’s super important for succulents to drain well, and if your soil is too firmly packed, this will become difficult.

4.) Give Your Succulents Ample Room to Grow
Even though baby succulents are mega adorable, they are never going to grow if they aren’t given enough space. Succulents will grow to the size of their container, so if you put small plants in a large container, they’ll grow big and strong.

5.) Allow Succulents Air Circulation
Your plants can’t survive in a closed container.  Tiny terrariums and hanging glass faerie gardens may be gorgeous to look at, but they’re not very good as a living environment for your plants.


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