Sunday Aloha from 3rd Day Nursery!

The past week at the nursery has been busy, just in terms of keeping everything going! We’ve been continuing with a lot of long term tasks. The crew kept working to prepare the ground for our new garden beds and finally finished up with clearing out the cane grass!
We have to say a big thanks to the awesome customers who came out this Saturday to help make this week’s plant sale one of the biggest and most successful ones to date! We had hula dancers once again, so thanks to Catie, Sam, Mia, and Sarah for helping draw everyone in and direct them to the best succulents on Maui (if we do say so ourselves)!
We’re all excited for another great week at the nursery. Everything is looking great and we’re loving every second of being here!

Aloha from the 3rd Day Crew! 🌺


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