Sunday Wrap-Up – February 21

We’ve had quite the week at 3rd Day Nursery! We started the week with a fun group activity…Derek led the whole crew on an all-day kayaking and snorkeling adventure in Lahaina. We all anchored and snorkeled for a while through a massive reef, where we listened to whale songs, saw turtles, and even encountered a reef shark! Talk about a great way to start the week.


If you’re into eating local (which we hope you are!), head down to Mana Foods in Pa’ia. We sold them 70 pounds of bananas this week and we’re super stoked about it. We brought them Cuban reds, ice cream bananas, and apple bananas.

The week brought a good amount of work, too. Last week, our buddy Neils from Northstar Landscaping helped us uproot and clear a bunch of overgrown cane grass on the property. Well the clean up continued this week, and Clarke, Che, and Christian (The Triple C’s as we call them) hustled to get it all cleared out so we’d have room to set up a new garden bed behind our orchid garden.

Yesterday, we had a great time with our weekly Saturday plan sale. Catie and Mia hula danced by our road sign to attract people to the sale, and they did a great job with it.



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