Super Sunday Funday! Succulents and football, what else do you need!?

This week on the nursery, we accomplished a lot of tasks that have needed to get done.  We have a massive, hardworking group of workers right now, and they’ve been really getting their hands dirty!  Sam reorganized the entire garden and planted lots of veggies. Its looking great and we cant wait to harvest them for a rockin’ community dinner! 

Some baby plants that Sam got started recently

Emma painted a sweet mural on one of our tool sheds, and she’s a really talented artist.



  Also, Brad has been working on building the worm shed–that’s actually what it sounds like.  A big ol’ shed for worms.  The goal is to get hundreds and hundreds of worms to make compost tea. 

     We’re also very thankful for our buddy Jake (aka general manager) for hooking us up with more chickens for our coop.  The chicken farmers growing which means extra eggs for us! 

     Finally, we’ve got some totally rad artists in our crew and they’ve been painting pass on the daily.  Mia made a really sweet set of rainbow Aloha pot along with some stacked pots sets with landscapes and seascapes on them.



You’ve got to come check them all out! We’re amped for next week’s work, you should swing by and check everything out!

PS: GO BRONCOS!!!! 🏈🏈🏈


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