Falling into Fall at 3rd Day Nursery

With October and the autumn season finally in full swing, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the hard work and improvements that have gone into 3rd Day Nursery recently – not only in the last month of September, but throughout the entire summer as well. We finished many projects and accomplished an enormous amount leading up to this fall, with much thanks to a great team of helping hands. 3rd Day Nursery wouldn’t be where it is today without all the help we have had from fellow plant lovers – you guys know who you are! A huge Mahalo to the entire 3rd Day Nursery crew, past and present. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to here in the recent months:

We finally finished revamping the orchid house, a project months in the making. We split and repotted all the orchids and completely reorganized the greenhouse. It looks like a brand new structure! Special thanks to Jazz, Natalia, Pam, and Mike for working on the various stages of this project.

A beautiful bloom in the revamped orchid house
A beautiful bloom in the revamped orchid house.

In addition, our entire collection of Areca palms has been weeded, organized, and re-potted if necessary. A big shout out to Laura, Jesse, Sam, Jesus, Katie, Spencer, and Ben for all helping out so much with this hefty task. The palms are looking great!

3rd Day Nursery made big strides in plant expansion this summer as well. We put down massive amounts of new weed-mat, propagated more of our most popular succulents, and added new varieties that will be available to the public in future months. We also just received some exciting specimens from our friends at Logee’s Fruiting, Rare, and Tropical Plants. These new additions to 3rd Day Nursery include tropical and purple pitcher plants, a mini cylindrical snake-plant, blue jade vine, and the lifesaver cactus, just to name a few.

The awesome blooming Lifesaver Cactus. Almost looks good enough to eat!
The awesome blooming Lifesaver Cactus. Almost looks good enough to eat!

Last but not least, we’ve been dedicating quite a bit of time to our fruit and vegetable gardens. Since creating and planting the first rock-bed in April, we’ve put in nine total beds – almost half of them in the last month and a half! There has been so much fantastic help on the garden project – building the beds, planting, maintaining and mulching – but we definitely have to give a few extra props to our friend Jen, who has been working in there like a madwoman lately. This week we planted more tomatoes, lettuce, and papaya trees and had a bounty of fresh beans, radishes, carrots and herbs to feast on. We also just had the first dragonfruit ready to eat straight from the nursery. Yum!

Sunflowers in front of the green beans. Can't wait for them to brighten up the garden.
Sunflowers in front of the green beans. Can’t wait for them to brighten up the garden.

As you can tell, we’re been quite busy here at 3rd Day Nursery. We feel great about everything we’ve accomplished in the past months and are excited to see what the rest of October and this fall will bring. Here’s to a bright and beautiful autumn of 2015!

From all of us here at 3rd Day Nursery,

Don’t Go Green; Go Variegated!


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