DIY Backyard Beauty: Lava Rock Décor

Happy Succulent Sunday plant lovers! We recently completed this simple do-it-yourself project here at 3rd Day Nursery to inspire you to get creative with succulents. It was a lot of fun and really brightened up our landscape. You should try it out too! We hope you will enjoy this project as much as we did.

DIY Backyard Beauty: Lava Rock Décor

You will need:
– a large lava rock (or other porous rock)
– succulent cuttings of your choice
– potting soil

Step 1: Prepare your materials. Select and take your succulent cuttings and clean your rock. We sprayed our rock down with a hose.

Before the DIY project.
Before the DIY project.

Step 2: Pack potting soil into the pores or “holes” in your rock. The soil will give each succulent cutting a medium to hold moisture and keep it steady until it begins to root.

Kitten helps pack soil.

Step 3: Spray the rock down again to moisten the soil and to make the holes more visible.

Step 4: Add your succulent cuttings. Experiment with succulents in different positions. Mix-and-match textures and colors to really make the décor pop.

Step 5: Sha-bam! And there you have it. Simple DIY Backyard Beauty using succulents for a Lava Rock Décor. This is a fun and easy way to spruce up porous rocks in your landscaping, especially when you live in Hawai’i and have plenty lava rock around. Now all that’s left to do is enjoy!

After the DIY project!
After the DIY project!

We hope you will try out this DIY project and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Note: Over the coming days and weeks, a few of your many cuttings may fall out and need to be replaced. Don’t worry; just add them back and eventually they will hold their positions as the new roots form.

We will check back in with monthly updates and photos so you can see how our lava rock is doing!


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